Download MIDI_Output package

The MIDI_Output package is a zip file that contains two separate zips: the Java code and the Delphi code. Both are separate packages and usually reside in different directories.

Download MIDI_Output 1.2

The Delphi package contains the following routines:

  • putShort (status, data: integer)  – sends a two byte MIDI message to the SoniVox synthesizer. This procedure is overloaded with:
  • putShort (status, data_1, data_2: integer) – which sends a three byte message to the SoniVox. Note on/off messages are typically three bytes while a program change is two bytes long. This message presumes there is a putLong message which is used for sending system exclusive messages. That one has not been implemented.
  • playSond (file_name: string) – plays a MIDI file. Does not work as of yet.
  • start – starts the MIDI system, this one is automatically invoked when the MIDI_Output_Device is created


  • Version 1.2 – got test_int working and more important: playSong will now play a song, though, strangely enough, only in Delphi, not in Java.
  • Version 1.1 – contains the two-byte and three-byte version of putShort, it is possible to send program changes now. playSong does not work: it does not work in Java and it is not correctly bound by Delphi.
  • Version 1.0 – first public version of MIDI_Output. Only theree byte version of putShort so that programmachanges could not be sent. playSong does not work either.

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