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I compose music and love to write software so I write software to compose music. Somewhere in that proces I got attracted to robots. Probably this all makes few sense but it is fun.

Download MIDI_Output package

The MIDI_Output package is a zip file that contains two separate zips: the Java code and the Delphi code. Both are separate packages and usually reside in different directories. Download MIDI_Output 1.2 The Delphi package contains the following routines: putShort … Continue reading

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Accessing MIDI in Delphi for Android

In this article I describe how to use MIDI sequencing with Delphi XE5 on the Android platform. This article is written for Delphi developers who, like me, are experienced with Delphi but less so with Eclipse, Android and Java. Lots … Continue reading

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Controlling the CrazyFlie

I love the CrazyFlie. It is a small quadcopter which you can fly in your home. The reason I bought it is that it is an open source project. Hardware, firmware and software: all open source. Kudo’s for the guys … Continue reading

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Wireless Raspberry Pi

I recently acquired my first Raspberry Pi. It is fun to have have such a small computer. I decided that I would make it the “real” brain of a robot. After all, half a gig of RAM of a Raspberry … Continue reading

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Arduino Communicator

The Arduino Communicator is a windows program I developed to communicate with an Arduino micro controller. More specifically, I wanted to use it to control my¬† robots. The program is developed in Delphi XE3. It was a nice exercise to … Continue reading

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Origins of Sing sweet Software

The song is inspired by Stanislaw Lem’s book Cyberiada. Two brilliant cosmic constructors Trurl and Klapautius are forced to design a new sort of beast to be hunted by king Krool. If the king would be bored by the beast … Continue reading

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Sing sweet software

I recently bought a Sparkfun VoiceBox in order to enhance my robot with a voice. It has a nice metallic voice. When I discovered that I could vary the pitch of the spoken words I decided to go for a … Continue reading

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The far star

One of the things I do is creating software to compose music from fractals. An interesting things with fractals is that you can open complete new landscapes by zooming into them. When experimenting with the Mandelbrot fractal I created a … Continue reading

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Adding a COM port to Delphi

I use Delphi for all my software development so it seemed a good choice for developing an application for communicating with my Arduino. I found a link on the Arduino forum and soon got hacking. The most important thing one … Continue reading

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Landschap (Landscape)

A piece for SATB that I wrote for the choir I was singing in. It is based at the poem of Paul van Ostaijen (1896-192, one of the most sensitive and modern poets of the Dutch language at that time. … Continue reading

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